Will Installing an Irrigation System Damage My Lawn?

lawn-irrigation-system-njIt may seem counterproductive to rip up your lawn just to install an irrigation system that is meant to make your lawn look great. However, gone are the days of digging up your lawn and laying down pipes and connections.

An experienced lawn irrigation contractor will use pipe pullers, which pull the pipe underground and leave a one-inch to two-inch seam at the surface. These lines are pulled underground through a small slit in the turf to minimize damage to the lawn.

When an underground connection needs to be made, the grass is stripped up and set to the side. Once the connection is made, the grass it put back in place leaving only seams where the work was done.

Over time, the seams will heal, hiding any sign that work was done on your lawn. The speed of the healing is directly related to the health of your lawn prior to the installation being done.

Healthy lawns will see the seams disappear quickly while lawns that have dying grass or nutrient-less soil will take longer. For those with typical lawns, you can expect the seams to disappear and your lawn to fully heal in two to four weeks after installation.

Utilizing an experienced contractor will ensure that your lawn remains intact after installation is complete, and that you’ll benefit faster from your new irrigation system.