Hiring a Commercial Irrigation Company in Southern NJ: The Complete Guide

Hiring a Commerical Irrigation Company in Southern NJYou’ve got a lawn. You’ve got a customer you want to impress with your lawn. What you don’t have is a lot of time to care for your lawn.

You need a lawn sprinkler contractor. You need someone who knows lawns, cares about lawns and has built their entire career–blade by blade of grass–to transforming lawns into lush welcome mats for customers across southern New Jersey.


Having an irrigation contractor you can trust and call anytime is like having a secret marketing weapon on your staff — someone who understands the important role your lawn plays in building your company’s brand. And your lawncare professional has connections.

You might not be able to score tickets to the 76ers or be introduced to an honest auto mechanic from your lawncare professional, but you’ll have access to a team of technicians who can get you a high-quality, properly functioning commercial irrigation system in southern New Jersey.

With summer right around the corner, now’s a good time to get yourself a lawncare professional in the commercial irrigation business.

Your Lawn

Let’s talk about your lawn for a minute. You walk by it every day, but chances are you probably don’t notice it all that much. After all, it’s landscaped, right?

You had someone come in with a few trees, some rocks and maybe even a few of those solar-powered landscaping lights. This person, the landscaper, might have even laid down a little sod. But that’s dead by now.

Last year’s long, dry summer and this past winter–with its Arctic Vortex-infused ice, snow and bitter cold — has taken its toll on your lawn. There are brown spots, dead spots and areas that have become overrun with weeds. You don’t notice it because you have work to do. You’re busy and after you park your car you hurry inside to get down to business.

But you know whom else notices your lawn? Your customers.

They see the dead grass. They notice the dust and the dirt and the brown, crunchy grass. They see it and they wonder why a successful business like yours doesn’t have a commercial irrigation system.

Your Commercial Irrigation System

A commercial irrigation system might not mean the difference between success or failure, but it could be the difference between being viewed as a sharp, well-managed company and one that’s … just there.

That’s because people like a well-maintained lawn. They like looking at it, walking across it and doing business with organizations that have it.

This isn’t a Trident commercial, so there aren’t any statistics to back up this claim. But think about your own experiences: How many times do you prefer looking at bright green, well-maintained lawns? It’s surely got to be better than four out of five times, right?

All humor aside, you want a commercial irrigation system.

Why? Because you’re a business person, which means you need to focus your time, energy and attention on your business activities.

You need to be doing deals and securing sales. You need to be managing your team and focuses on your finances. You need to be moving your business forward, not moving sprinklers around your lawn, hoping that your lawn is getting the right amount of moisture.

In other words, you need to find a person who can help you get the right commercial irrigation system for your lawn — one that you can program and not think about again until it’s time to put it away for the winter.

Finding Your Commercial Irrigation Contractor

You’re in business, so you know the value of working with people who really know their stuff.

You don’t go to a dentist to get your eyes checked, right? The same holds true for your commercial irrigation system.

You wouldn’t want to have a landscaper help you pick out and install a commercial irrigation system. If you do, you might wind up with a lot of roots running through the system, backing it up and causing you a lot of headaches down the road — and leaving you to lament the fact that “hindsight is 20/20 … but who knew a landscaper wasn’t the best choice to help you find the right commercial irrigation system?”

Now you know.

Hire an actual person who specializes in commercial irrigation systems.

Your contractor will be able to design just the right system for your lawn. Your contractor will be able to hook you up just the right parts and components — ones that are hand-picked specifically for your space (and landscaping). And, most importantly, your contractor will always be there in case something goes wrong — just down the street in Camden County, available to fix problems, help you expand and make sure that your lawn is always impressive–which is exactly what your customers want to see.

You’ve got a lawn. You’ve got people you want to impress with your lawn. Now go out and get yourself a commercial irrigation contractor who can help make it happen.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries.