Hiring a Lawn Sprinkler Repair Company

Installation. Maintenance. Repair.Hiring a Lawn Sprinkler Repair Company.jpg

These are the three extremely important roles a lawn sprinkler company can play. Each distinct, yet equally important—whether a homeowner knows it or not.

Installation plays the leading role, transforming your lawn from static to dynamic with fountain-like flare. Maintenance gets the nod for best supporting actor, ensuring that your system follows the script as planned.

But it’s repair that works behind the scenes to make sure your system is a success.

If think of your irrigation system as a movie set, lawn sprinkler repair would be the director—charged with fixing problems, ensuring continuity among parts and components and making your lawn a hit among your friends, family and neighbors.

Unfortunately, some homeowners seem to prefer home movies to blockbusters, so they try to fix things on their own rather than hire a lawn sprinkler repair company.

Often, these repair efforts end up more like 47 Ronin than Star Wars—they cost a lot of money, waste a lot of time and never turn out the way you want them to turn out.

If only these homeowners had hired a lawn sprinkler repair company. They would have reaped a lot of benefits:


There’s a lot to know about a lawn irrigation system before you start ripping it apart and try to fix a problem.

You’ve got to know how the electronic components operate, how the valves interact with the pipes and sprinkler heads, and how a backflow preventer works. You’ve got to understand water pressure, voltage requirements and water hammer.

The average homeowner hasn’t given a lot of thought to the engineering behind impact rotors, much less water hammering. But lawn sprinkler repair companies do.

In fact, the best lawn sprinkler repair companies in southern New Jersey only sends knowledgeable, experienced and highly trained service technicians to your home or business—and they take great pride in showing off their knowledge for your benefit.

Peace of Mind

So your buddy knows everything about lawn irrigation systems, huh? He installed his own system. Does the spring startup and winterization himself. And he knows everything about the systems because he’s repaired nearly every part and component.

This is the guy you’re going to trust to fix your system?

Do you really think you’re going to be able to sleep at night or get away for a long weekend in the summer knowing that your buddy Macgyvered together your valves?

No. You won’t.

One of the best reasons to work with a top lawn sprinkler repair company is the piece of mind you’ll have.

You’ll know—day in and day out—that your system has been repaired the right way, using the right parts by a professional with the right knowledge. Do not underestimate the value of piece of mind.

It allows you to sleep at night, spend a hot and dry New Jersey Saturday on the golf course, take a long summer vacation or catch a double header at Citi Field. Once your system has been fixed by a pro, you’ll be able to do what you want to do without worrying about returning to dry, golden lawn that looks more like a field of wheat than a field of dreams.


Sure, your buddy might show up with a six pack and a shovel, but a technician from a top lawn sprinkler repair company will show up with knowledge, the customized tools and a long list of things guaranteed to be fixed or repaired, if needed:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Electric zone valves
  • Timers
  • Control boxes
  • Wiring and other electrical components
  • Backflow parts
  • Pipes
  • And a whole lot more.

In addition, they’ll know your system like they know the back of their hand. After all, they’re highly experienced and unlikely to run into an issue they haven’t seen before. Can your buddy say the same? Probably not.

Another benefit of working with a lawn sprinkler repair company is that you’ll have someone on your side for as long as you live in your home (and for when you move to your next home).

Your technician from your lawn sprinkler repair company will be available to do the spring startup and the fall winterization—both of which are critical to ensuring that your system doesn’t need repairs moving forward.

These are just three of the many benefits you get from working with a professional lawn sprinkler repair company. There are more and it’s your script. So the next time your system is in need of service, write your own script and give it a happy ending by contacting a top lawn sprinkler repair company.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries.